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Amy Welp MEd, ATC:

Board Certified Athletic Trainer
Graston Technique Certified
Integrative Dry Needling Certified
Functional Applied Science Certified
MyoSequence Technique Certified
Sole Supports Certified
American Heart Association Instructor
Journal Publication

My Journey

Amy Welp has always been passionate about fitness and health goals. At the young age of 12 Welp was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and spent a fair amount of time in and out of the hospital as she tried to understand and navigate this autoimmune disease. Severe ulcerative colitis can cause life-threatening malabsorption, malnutrition, and anemia. Welp knew she needed to eat but was also afraid to eat as certain foods could trigger the disease and make it worse. This is very tricky as foods can be different for everyone, there is no magic list that is universal. It literally comes down to trial and error, what works and what causes more inflammation. With the help of her long time Gastroenterologist, Welp tried different types of medications and steroids (prednisone) to assist with this disease. Because of the high levels of inflammation in her body, Welp suffered other issues as well… eye infections, skin rashes, synovitis, and phlebitis to name a few. This led to more hospital stays and more tests, but it all paid off. Welp was eventually diagnosed with Thalassemia which is a type of anemia and a Prothrombin Gene Mutation which is a clotting issue. These diseases also meant more doctors and more daily medications. 
Finding the perfect combination of medication, nutrition and activity was tricky. Perseverance, education, patience, diet and exercise…did I mention patience?  Finally, at age 26 Welp had a handle on her health. Welp went into remission for close to 10 years. The bad days were few and far between…a vast improvement!! 


Welp always loved sports and medicine which led her to pursue a degree in Athletic Training, more on that later. During these years of remission Welp worked side by side with collegiate and professional athletes, orthopedic surgeons and nutritionists. Welp found her calling, helping people become the best version of themselves.


At the age of 35 Welp and her husband decided to start a family. The first step, more doctors. Uggh! Welp met with Gastrointestinal physician and discussed what pregnancy may do to her? What are the pros and cons?  Considering her health conditions what is the risk vs reward? Her age and medical history could affect not only the pregnancy, the baby, but also her health. Pregnancy is extremely hard on the body, a lot of changes happen in a very short amount of time, but the outcome of a baby is totally worth it. Even though Welp was deemed high risk, she and her husband decided to take that risk and had a beautiful baby boy when Amy was 36 years old. Unfortunately, there were complications at delivery on top of all those hormonal changes and stress on the body which put Welp into a tailspin. Back to square one. For approximately 18 months the ulcerative colitis was out of control. Back to the medications, prednisone and counseling desperately seeking balance.  
Welp has experience over three decades long with cycles of diagnosis, disease, remission, setbacks, recovery and loss, but one thing has held true…hope.


Balance isn’t something you find…it’s something you create.


Achieving a lifestyle of balance on all levels physically, mentally, and emotionally is the foundation to Project Balance Health and Fitness.  Welp is positive, empowering, and passionate: bringing total health to women in an environment that is judgement free, uplifting and customized to your journey.



Amy Welp is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer with over 25 years of experience. Welp achieved her bachelor’s degree from Lewis University and master’s degree from DePaul University. Welp served as DePaul’s Director of Sports Medicine for 10 years, where she oversaw all sports but specifically worked with the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. During Welp’s tenure at DePaul she was also the medical director for two NCAA tournaments and assisted with both the NBA and WNBA pre-draft camps.  During that time, she worked very closely with the team orthopedic surgeon, primary physician, sport psychologist, nutritionist, podiatrist, strength coach and many others who make up the medical team. 


Upon leaving the college setting, Welp transitioned into that orthopedic surgeon’s office overseeing all patients. Still working with college and high school athletes but also professional athletes as well. Welp had the opportunity to work with the US Soccer Federation, Major League Soccer, minor league baseball and the Women’s World Cup. Welp also had the opportunity to assist both in and out of the operating room. 


After her son was born, Welp had a long recovery and decided to slow things down a bit. It was at this time that Welp started a journey working in women’s health. Welp worked predominantly with women who suffered with low back/hip pain related to pregnancy, mastitis, pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, and so much more. Women recovering from C-Sections, breast cancer, and even mastectomy surgery. 


It was at this time that Welp realized it was time to go on her own, take all her education, multiple certifications and experience and open Project Balance Health and Fitness. 

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